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Looking for Snow on Payne Gulch Trail

10 May
Shawnee Peak, stands above the eastern high meadow

Hike with Ian and Maggie T. Dog on the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2009 Trailhead: 39º24’20”N, 105º30’25”W, 8,062 feet Trails Split: 39º23’38”N, 105º30’52”W, 8,496 feet Top: 39º21’45”N, 105º29’52”W, 9,916 feet Hiking Distance: 8.2 miles   I try to get out on the trail on days that have celestial significance, like the Spring Equinox, one of […]

The View from the Nose of Shawnee Peak

22 Oct
The view from top of Shawnee Peak

Hike with Pete on July 6, 2014 Trailhead: 39°25’34”N, 105°33’56”W, 8,295 feet Summit: 39°23’49”N, 105°35’48”W, 11,927 feet, 3.8 miles Hiking Distance: 7.3 miles There are some mountains in Park County that have shapes that remind me of something. For instance, I see a face in Meridian Hill, when I see it from Park County Road […]

A Winter Solstice Wine and Cheese at The Castle

20 Jun

Snowshoe with Pete on the Winter Solstice, December 22, 2007 Trailhead: 39°20’18”N, 105°24’4”W, 8,335 feet The Castle overlook: 39°19’1”N, 105°23’40”W, 8,227 feet Hiking Distance: 4.1 miles Turn east on Park County Road 68 at the base of Crow Hill in Bailey; the Forest Service calls this road 560. At two forks in the road, at […]

Ben Tyler Trail: A Rite of Spring

08 Jun
Ben Tyler Gulch

  Hiking on May 29, 2006 Trailhead: On the south side of US 285 between Shawnee and Grant, about 0.8 mile towards Grant from mile marker 216 Starting Elevation: 8,226 feet GPS: 39°26’09” N, 105°35’27” W Top of the ridge: 11,641 feet GPS: 39°24’48” N, 105°39’23” W This is a long trail, and much of […]

Making the Grade on Kenosha Pass

09 May
railroad bed

Hike with Sunday T. Dog on May 23, 2008 Trailhead: 39°26’33”N, 105°44’50”W, 9525 feet Farthest point reached: 39°25’06”N, 105°45’09”W, 9942 feet Walking distance 5.3 miles US Highway 285 follows the old Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad grade from Bailey to Trout Creek valley just east of Red Hill Pass. For most of that distance, […]

‘S’ no Fun on Ben Tyler Trail

15 Apr
In 2007, Shawnee Peak had a respectable fringe of snow.

Mount Evans looks down at the top of Ben Tyler Gulch. We crossed the snowfields, and walked the ridge rather than follow the trail. The apparently snow-free patches between us and the ridge are mostly bushes sticking up through the snow Ben Tyler Trail, Forest Service Number 606 South Trailhead: 39°22’28”N, 105°41’4”W, 9,708 feet North […]

Remnants of the Past in Gibbs and Bill Tyler Gulches

07 Nov

Hike May 3, 2007 with Pete, Jane and Steve Start: 39°25’34”N, 105°33’56”W, 8,291 feet Gibbs Cabin: 39°25’6”N, 105°33’23”W, 8,680 feet Gibbs Grave: 39°25’8”N, 105°33’39”W, 8,776 feet End: 39°25’47”N, 105°34’24”W, 8,289 feet Hiking Distance: 4.9 miles Hiking is its own reward. A day out of doors in the fresh air, warm sun, with the wind blowing […]

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