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A Hike Up the Road to Wheeler Lake

03 Feb
Traver Peak, McNamee Peak, and Clinton Peak.

  Hike with Joyce on July 31, 2011 Trailhead 39°21’23”N, 106°4’58”W, 10,974 feet Left road: 39°31’53”N, 106°7’23”W, 11,783 feet, 2.75 miles Lunch at Wheeler Lake: 39°22’12”N, 106°7’37”W, 12,199 feet, 3.46 miles Hiking distance: 6.59 miles   A destination for a hike doesn’t have to be a mountain summit. For this hike, Joyce and I picked […]

A Failed Attempt on Northstar Mountain

21 Jan
Northstar Mountain

  Hike on June 22, 2007, with Tim, Walt, and Joe Hoosier Pass: 39°21’43”N, 106°3’45”W, 11,539 feet Farthest point: 39°22’48”N, 106°5’08”W, 12,327 feet Hiking distance: 5.2 miles Trailhead: This hike began at the top of Hoosier Pass, on Colorado Highway 9 between mile markers 76 and 77. There is ample parking on the west side […]

Walking to the Overlook on Ridgeview Trail

21 Jan
Buffalo Peaks

Hike with Karen and Sunday T. Dog on June 25, 2008 Trailhead: 39°4’44”N, 106°8’10”W, 10,251 feet Trail to Overlook: 39°04’34”N, 106°08’05”W, 10,412 feet, about 0.7 miles from trailhead Overlook: 39°04’13”N, 106°07’58”W, 10,578 feet, about 1.1 miles from trailhead Rich Creek Trail Junction: 39°04’09”N, 106°08’12”W, 10,302 feet, about 1 mile from trailhead The snow above timberline […]

A Snowshoe Trek West of Alma

20 Jan
Mount Bross

Snowshoe with Steve and Tanya on December 17, 2007 Traveling distance: 3.4 miles Trailhead: 39º16’46”N, 106º4’1”W, 10,542 feet Turn off FSR 4171A: 39º16’40”N, 106º4’13”W, 10,515 feet Farthest point: 39º17’12”N, 106º5’48”W, 11,065 feet In Alma, turn west from Main Street (Colorado 9) onto Park Hill Avenue (Park County Road 10). Go about three-tenths of a mile […]

A Lovely Hike up Loveland Mountain

04 Jan
Megan and Tanya atop Loveland Mountain

  Hike with Tanya, Megan, Steve and Sunday T. Dog on August 28, 2008 Trailhead: 39º18’30”N, 106º7’6”W, 11,215 feet Summit: 39º18’31”N, 106º08’23”W, 13,682 feet Hiking Distance: about 5 miles   We all met in Alma for the day’s adventure. The book Colorado’s High Thirteeners (pages 19 and 20; by Garratt and Martin, Cordillera Press, Inc.,1984) […]

Over Sheep Ridge to Twelvemile Lake

15 Aug
Twelvemile Lake

Hike with Pete on August 22, 2010 Trailhead: 39º9’1”N, 106º04’5”W, 10,533 feet North end of the lake: 39º9’24”N, 106º7’48”W, 11,109 feet Lunch: 39º9’20”N, 106º7’58”W, 11,178 feet Top of Sheep Ridge: 39º9’45”N, 106º5’8”W, 11,591 feet Hiking Distance: 9.8 miles   I had in mind a hike in the southern Mosquito Range. When I think of hiking […]

Tie Hack Winter Trail

17 Jun
view from Tie Hack Trailhead.

Snowshoe on March 7, 2007, with Joe and Pete Trailhead: 39º10’53”N, 106º2’37”W, 9974 feet Start of loop: 39º11’19”N, 106º3’17”W, 10,380 feet Junction of Forest Service Roads 423 and 182B: 39º12’21”N, 106º4’12”W, 10,617 feet Trail Distance: 5.18 miles Trailhead: From the junction of Main Street (Colorado 9 north) and US 285 (the traffic light) in Fairplay, […]

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