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Walking the Black Mountain Cliffs

14 Nov
Black Mountain

Hike with Sunday T. Dog on July 4, 2008 Trailhead: 38°44’15” N, 105°42’30”W, 10,170 feet Summit: 38°43’7”N, 105°41’15”W, 11,654 feet Hiking Distance: 5.3 miles   I had to take a morning trip to Buena Vista on Independence Day, and took advantage of my location by going on a hike in southwestern Park County when business […]

Wild Flowers, Rolling Hills and Dick’s Peak

11 May
Dick’s Peak

Hike with Mark on July 19, 2007 Trailhead: 39°47’50”N, 105°40’12”W, 10,091 feet Dick’s Peak Summit: 39°47’44”N, 105°38’26”W, 10,722 feet Hiking Distance: 3.7 miles From Colorado 9 north of Current Creek Pass, turn west on Forest Service Road 108 at mile marker 32; there is a sign announcing Agate Creek, Dick’s Peak, and Black Mountain. At […]

Taking Peaks on Thirtynine Mile Mountain

24 Jan
peaks on Thirtynine Mile Mountain

Hike with Joe, Ginni and Mark on August 30, 2007 West Trailhead: 38°51’52”N, 105°36’26”W, 9,909 feet Highest summit: 38°49’56”N, 105°33’20”W, 11,548 feet East Trailhead: 38°50’27”N, 105°29’35”W, 9,452 feet Hiking distance: 8.5 miles Our one-way trip started north of the west end of the mountain: From Colorado 9 at mile marker 32, turn east on Park […]

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