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Views from the top of Slaughterhouse Gulch

17 Apr
Payne Peak

Hike with Karen and Sunday T. Dog on May 28,2009 Trailhead: 39º28’41” N, 105º33’0” W, 9,585 feet Top: 39º28’20” N, 105º33’21” W, 10,147 feet Gate: 39º28’30” N, 105º33’24” W, 9,837 feet Hiking distance: 1.25 miles   A long hike takes some preparation and planning, but you’re not always up for that. Sometimes a spur-of-the-moment outing […]

Cub Creek Trail to the Black Mountain Ridge

12 Nov
Black Mountain from US 285

Hike with Pat, Kathy, Cheryl, and Sunday T. Dog on July 6 Cub Creek Trailhead: 39°33’59”N, 105°23’00”W, 8,358 feet Left Trail: 39°33’31”N, 105°25’31”W, 10,002 feet Our Highest Point: 39°32’50”N, 105°24’39”W, 10,439 feet Hiking distance: 7.8 miles   The hike up Black Mountain in the southwest of the county turned out so well, I couldn’t resist […]

A Snowy Walk Above Harris Park

11 Nov
Above Harris Park

Hike on December 1, 2008 Trailhead: 39º31’8”N, 105º30’14”W, 8,936 feet Highest point: 39º31’54”N, 105º29’46”W, 9,366 feet Hiking distance: 2.9 miles   Harris Park borders on Pike National Forest, and there are a few roads leading north into the forest. I checked my topographic map for the area, and found several roads and trails that could […]

Stealing Bandit Peak from a Storm

11 Sep
Rosedale Peak, center, Meridian Hill, and Black Mountain on the far right

Hike with Sunday T. Dog on August 6, 2008 Trailhead: 39º30’39”N, 105º34’3”W, 9,291 feet Summit: 39º32’23”N, 105º36’15”W, 12,444 feet Hiking distance 8.2 miles   Bandit Peak is Rosalie Peak’s little sister. From US 285 at Deer Creek and many places along Deer Creek Road (Park County Road 43) she’s visible to the left and in […]

Meridian Trail by Snowshoe

05 Jun
Meridian Hill from Park County Road 72

Hike with Joe on December 15, 2006 Trailhead: From US 285 at mile marker 225, turn north at the traffic light onto Park County Road 43A, and follow it onto Park County Road 43. At about 6.8 miles from US 285, take the right fork onto Park County Road 47. At about 8 .0 miles […]

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