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Jefferson Loop Trail: Long and Pleasant

08 Jan
Pond at the headwaters of Michigan Creek

  Hiking with Pete and Brian on June 28, 2006 Trailhead: From the town of Jefferson, go north on Park County Road 35, 2 miles; turn right on Park County Road 37, go 3.2 miles; trailhead parking on left, past Colorado Trail sign, near Lodgepole Campground Starting elevation: 10,020 feet GPS: 39º25’47”N, 105º50’42”W, Datum WGS84 […]

2008 Colorado Trail-video

04 May

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P48cykAS5h8 This is a beautiful video and it shows what hiking in Colorado is all about. The only thing you cannot get out of this video is the smells, and the wind and weather. There are wonderful scents in the high mountain peaks and beautiful color. It’s an adventure and you never know what you […]

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