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Upper Salt Creek Valley and Salt Creek Trail

16 Apr

Hike with Sunday T. Dog on June 14, 2009 Trailhead: 38º58’13N, 106º3’31W, 10,237 feet Big tree: 38º58’7”N, 106º4’16”W, 10,154 feet Lunch: 38º57’41”N, 106º5’31”W, 11,083 feet Hiking distance: 8.5 miles   There are hidden beauties on the long trails at the feet of the high mountains on the west side of South Park. One of these […]

A Loop with Many Faces: McQuaid Trail and Pony Park

27 Apr

  Hike on June 6, 2007 with Pete and Steve McQuaid North Trailhead: 38°59’18”N, 106°0’49”W, 9,402 feet McQuaid South Trailhead: 38°57’24”N, 106°0’51”W, 9,320 feet Hiking Distance: 5.7 miles Turn west on Forest Service Road 433 from US 285 just north of mile marker 166 (a few miles north of US 24 at Antero Junction). Go […]

Bagging Buffalo Ridge

27 Mar

Hike with Pete on July 4, 2010 Trailhead: 38º58’15”N, 106º3’29”W, 10,223 feet Left Trail: 38º59’1”N, 106º4’6”W, 10,976 feet High Point: 38º59’15”N, 106º4’30”W, 12,590 feet Hiking Distance: 6.2 miles Independence Day is a great day to go for a hike. You can expect quiet trails and warm weather. Pete and I ensured that our trail would […]

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