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The View from the Nose of Shawnee Peak

22 Oct
The view from top of Shawnee Peak

Hike with Pete on July 6, 2014 Trailhead: 39°25’34”N, 105°33’56”W, 8,295 feet Summit: 39°23’49”N, 105°35’48”W, 11,927 feet, 3.8 miles Hiking Distance: 7.3 miles There are some mountains in Park County that have shapes that remind me of something. For instance, I see a face in Meridian Hill, when I see it from Park County Road […]

Climbing Monuments in the High Kenoshas

28 Mar
highest peaks in the Kenosha Mountains

Hike on July 16, 2010 Trailhead: 39°20’51”N, 105°37’9”W, 10,098 feet Left Colorado Trail: 39°21’18”N, 105°38’1”W, 10,315 feet Lunch: 39°21’51”N, 105°36’44”W, 12,118 feet Summit: 39°22’5”N, 105°36’19”W, 12,429 feet Hiking Distance: 7.2 miles Park County has a number of named mountain ranges: The Mosquito Range is the highest and best known, the Platte River Mountains greet travelers […]

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