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Late Fall Colors on the Colorado Trail

26 Jun
summits of the South Park Range

Hike with Art and Sunday T. Dog on October 4, 2009 Rock Creek Trail Head on the Colorado Trail: 39º21’46”N, 105º41’16”W, 9,721 feet Lunch: 39º22’48”N,105º43’42”W, 9,979 feet Hiking distance: 5.9 miles The fall color season was short this year. All the folks came up the hill from Denver, clogging the roads and trails, but the […]

On the Colorado Trail East of Long Gulch Trailhead

04 Feb
North Fork of Lost Creek valley

  Hike with Joyce and Brian on June 19, 2011 Trailhead: 39°20’50”N, 105°37’9”W, 10,104 feet Highest point: 39°20’49”N, 105°36’2”W, 10,889 feet Farthest point: 39°20’36”, 105°35’13”W, 10,803 feet Hiking distance: 5.8 miles   Some Park County trails are too long to walk in a day. The Colorado Trail is probably the longest in the county, and […]

Looking for Deep and Dark in Black Canyon

08 Jul
pussy willows along the creek

  Hike on May 29, 2007 with Joe and Pete Long Gulch Trailhead: 39°20’51”N, 105°37’9”W, 10,069 feet Left Colorado Trail: 39°21’45”N, 105°38’24”W, 10,500 feet Rock Creek Trailhead: 39°21’44”N, 105°40’49”W, 9,503 feet We parked a car at each end of the trail. Rock Creek Trailhead was our destination: From US 285, turn east on Lost Park […]

Walking the Colorado Trail East of Kenosha Pass

31 May
The South Park Range from Colorado Trail

Hike with Karen and Sunday on July 26, 2007 Trailhead: 39°24’48”N 105°45’17”W, 10,015 feet Lunch: 39°22’08”N 105°43’03’W, 9,930 feet Hiking distance: 8.3 miles From US 285 at the top of Kenosha Pass, just east of mile marker 203, turn east towards the Kenosha Campground overflow area. Park at the trailhead about 0.2 mile from US […]

Climbing Monuments in the High Kenoshas

28 Mar
highest peaks in the Kenosha Mountains

Hike on July 16, 2010 Trailhead: 39°20’51”N, 105°37’9”W, 10,098 feet Left Colorado Trail: 39°21’18”N, 105°38’1”W, 10,315 feet Lunch: 39°21’51”N, 105°36’44”W, 12,118 feet Summit: 39°22’5”N, 105°36’19”W, 12,429 feet Hiking Distance: 7.2 miles Park County has a number of named mountain ranges: The Mosquito Range is the highest and best known, the Platte River Mountains greet travelers […]

2008 Colorado Trail-video

04 May

httpv:// This is a beautiful video and it shows what hiking in Colorado is all about. The only thing you cannot get out of this video is the smells, and the wind and weather. There are wonderful scents in the high mountain peaks and beautiful color. It’s an adventure and you never know what you […]

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