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A Lesson From the Schoolmarm on Schoolmarm and Rishaberger Mountains

21 May
There it is! There’s Rishaberger Mountain, the high point on the end of the ridge southwest of Schoolmarm Mountain

Hike with Pete on April 23, 2007 Trailhead: 39°6’43”N, 105°37’8”W, 9,724 feet Schoolmarm Mountain: 39°6’55”N, 105°35’38”W, 11,332 feet Rishaberger Mountain: 39°06’14”N, 105°36’51”W, 10,418 feet Hiking distance: 3.9 miles From Jefferson, go south on Park County Road 77 (Tarryall Road), 17.6 miles to PCR 23 (Turner Gulch Road). A sign pointing to Turner Gulch Road, Packer […]

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