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A Snowshoe Trip Up Callahan Gulch

23 Feb

Snowshoe with Steve on January 4, 2009 Whiteside Campground: 39º28’54”N, 105º41’36”W, 8,905 feet Trails junction: 39º28’18”N, 105º43’7”W, 9,790 feet Snowshoe distance: 4.4 miles There’s always another trail to find, by talking to someone, or looking around as you’re driving down the road. I found the trail along Callahan Gulch by looking on a map where […]

‘S’ no Fun on Ben Tyler Trail

15 Apr

Mount Evans looks down at the top of Ben Tyler Gulch. We crossed the snowfields, and walked the ridge rather than follow the trail. The apparently snow-free patches between us and the ridge are mostly bushes sticking up through the snow Ben Tyler Trail, Forest Service Number 606 South Trailhead: 39°22’28”N, 105°41’4”W, 9,708 feet North […]

Search for Lizard Rock

16 Mar

Lizard Rock Trail ~ Hike with Pete on Mar. 27, 2007 Trail Head: 39°8’10”N, 150°27’48”W, 8546 feet Trail to Goose Creek and Lake Park Trails: 39°9’48”N, 150°27’20”W, 9500 feet End of the trail for us: 39°9’48”N, 150°26’40”W, 9622 feet Hiking distance – 5.9 miles Take Park County Road 77, the Tarryall Road, south from Jefferson […]

A Snowshoe Trek West of Alma

04 Feb

Snowshoe with Steve and Tanya on December 17, 2007 Traveling distance: 3.4 miles Trailhead: 39º16’46”N, 106º4’1”W, 10,542 feet Turn off FSR 4171A: 39º16’40”N, 106º4’13”W, 10,515 feet Farthest point: 39º17’12”N, 106º5’48”W, 11,065 feet In Alma, turn west from Main Street (Colorado 9) onto Park Hill Avenue (Park County Road 10). Go about three-tenths of a mile […]

An Icy Walk Past Jefferson Lake

16 Nov

Hike with Pete on November 28, 2007 Trailhead: 39º27’2”N, 105º51’36”W, 10,693 feet Lunch and turn back: 39º28’22”N, 105º51’24”W, 11,078 feet Hiking Distance: 3.7 miles From Jefferson, go north on Park County Road 35. Turn right on PCR 37 two miles from Jefferson, at the sign to National Forest, Jefferson Campground, and Jefferson Lake. Drive past […]

Connecting Roads near Kenosha Pass

29 Oct

PCR58 at FSR811: 39°26’15”N, 105°46’26”W, 9,783 feet FSR811 at FSR810: 39°25’46”N, 105°47’45”W, 10,180 feet FSR810 at FSR809: 39°26’15”N, 105°48’19”W, 10,052 feet Farthest point: 39°26’34”N, 105°48’13”W, 10,324 feet Traveling distance: 5.2 miles Turn onto Park County Road 58 from US 285, between mile markers 204 and 205 on the Platte Canyon side of Kenosha Pass. Go […]

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