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A Snowshoe Trip Up Callahan Gulch

23 Feb
Mount Logan from the upper clearing

Snowshoe with Steve on January 4, 2009 Whiteside Campground: 39º28’54”N, 105º41’36”W, 8,905 feet Trails junction: 39º28’18”N, 105º43’7”W, 9,790 feet Snowshoe distance: 4.4 miles There’s always another trail to find, by talking to someone, or looking around as you’re driving down the road. I found the trail along Callahan Gulch by looking on a map where […]

Hiking in the Sun and Rain on Sullivan Mountain

22 Jun
Joe, Sullivan Mountain, Iron Fens

Joe gazes up at Sullivan Mountain over the Geneva Creek Iron Fens Hike with Joe on his birthday, August 16, 2007 Hiking distance: 6.0 miles Trailhead: 39°34’2”N, 105°46’53”W, 10,422 feet Josephine Lake: 39°33’47”N, 105°49’6”W, 11,776 feet Sullivan Mountain: 39°33’48”N, 105°49’42”W, 13,134 feet From Grant, go north on Guanella Pass Road, Park County Road 62. At […]

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