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Fire and Water Along the Platte River Trail

20 Jul
The river flows rapidly around rocks and boulders

Hike with Sunday T. Dog on August 13, 2008 Trailhead: 39º1’32”N, 105º21’17”W, 7,843 feet Highest Point: 39º2’11”N, 105º21’8”W, 8,187 feet Turned Back: 39º3’27”N, 105º21’4”W, 7,711 feet Hiking distance: 6.2 miles How far does one go on a hike? Maybe to the top of the mountain and back, or up one trail and down another. Some […]

Hiking the High Puma Hills to Farnum Peak

10 May
Farnum Peak in the Puma Hills

Hike with Pete, Lucy, Cheryl, Ginni, the goddess Diana, and Sunday T. Dog on August 2, 2009 Trailhead: 39º10’37”N, 105º35’19”W, 9,849 feet Lunch: 39º9’56”N, 105º34’8”W, 11,339 feet Summit: 39º10’0”N, 105º33’36”W, 11,377 feet Hiking Distance: 4.2 miles   There’s something attractive about climbing the highest peak, whether it be the highest in the world, or the […]

Views from the top of Slaughterhouse Gulch

17 Apr
Payne Peak

Hike with Karen and Sunday T. Dog on May 28,2009 Trailhead: 39º28’41” N, 105º33’0” W, 9,585 feet Top: 39º28’20” N, 105º33’21” W, 10,147 feet Gate: 39º28’30” N, 105º33’24” W, 9,837 feet Hiking distance: 1.25 miles   A long hike takes some preparation and planning, but you’re not always up for that. Sometimes a spur-of-the-moment outing […]

A Failed Attempt on Northstar Mountain

21 Jan
Northstar Mountain

  Hike on June 22, 2007, with Tim, Walt, and Joe Hoosier Pass: 39°21’43”N, 106°3’45”W, 11,539 feet Farthest point: 39°22’48”N, 106°5’08”W, 12,327 feet Hiking distance: 5.2 miles Trailhead: This hike began at the top of Hoosier Pass, on Colorado Highway 9 between mile markers 76 and 77. There is ample parking on the west side […]

Walking the Black Mountain Cliffs

14 Nov
Black Mountain

Hike with Sunday T. Dog on July 4, 2008 Trailhead: 38°44’15” N, 105°42’30”W, 10,170 feet Summit: 38°43’7”N, 105°41’15”W, 11,654 feet Hiking Distance: 5.3 miles   I had to take a morning trip to Buena Vista on Independence Day, and took advantage of my location by going on a hike in southwestern Park County when business […]

A Snowy Walk Above Harris Park

11 Nov
Above Harris Park

Hike on December 1, 2008 Trailhead: 39º31’8”N, 105º30’14”W, 8,936 feet Highest point: 39º31’54”N, 105º29’46”W, 9,366 feet Hiking distance: 2.9 miles   Harris Park borders on Pike National Forest, and there are a few roads leading north into the forest. I checked my topographic map for the area, and found several roads and trails that could […]

Walking Roads by Hoosier Creek and Lininger Ditch

21 Jun
Going up Hoosier Creek along FSR 811

Hike with Cheryl on June 2, 2007 Our Start: 39°26’16”N, 105°46’28”W,  9,781 feet Bathtub 39°26’46”N, 105°47’15”W, 10,364 feet Mining Claim Corner: 39°26’38”N, 105°47’25”W, 10,216 feet Hiking Distance: 3.3 miles Turn onto Park County Road 58 from US 285, between mile markers 204 and 205 on the Platte Canyon side of Kenosha Pass. Go 0.9 miles […]

Remnants of the Past in Gibbs and Bill Tyler Gulches

07 Nov

Hike May 3, 2007 with Pete, Jane and Steve Start: 39°25’34”N, 105°33’56”W, 8,291 feet Gibbs Cabin: 39°25’6”N, 105°33’23”W, 8,680 feet Gibbs Grave: 39°25’8”N, 105°33’39”W, 8,776 feet End: 39°25’47”N, 105°34’24”W, 8,289 feet Hiking Distance: 4.9 miles Hiking is its own reward. A day out of doors in the fresh air, warm sun, with the wind blowing […]

Connecting Roads near Kenosha Pass

29 Oct
Dave and Pam hard at work on their snow cave. They expect to be cozy in their sleeping bags and out of the wind in the cave.

PCR58 at FSR811: 39°26’15”N, 105°46’26”W, 9,783 feet FSR811 at FSR810: 39°25’46”N, 105°47’45”W, 10,180 feet FSR810 at FSR809: 39°26’15”N, 105°48’19”W, 10,052 feet Farthest point: 39°26’34”N, 105°48’13”W, 10,324 feet Traveling distance: 5.2 miles Turn onto Park County Road 58 from US 285, between mile markers 204 and 205 on the Platte Canyon side of Kenosha Pass. Go […]

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