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Lost Park Loop

26 Jan

Hike with Pete on August 18, 2008 Lost Creek Trailhead: 39º17’4”N, 105º30’24”W, 9969 feet Stonework: 39º18’15”N, 105º30’52”W, 10,150 feet Hiking distance: 5.5 miles Pete and I again headed to Lost Park for a two-day campout, as we’d done in June. The days before had been rainy and wet, and much-needed moisture was pumped into Park […]

Hiking the High Puma Hills to Farnum Peak

10 May

Hike with Pete, Lucy, Cheryl, Ginni, the goddess Diana, and Sunday T. Dog on August 2, 2009 Trailhead: 39º10’37”N, 105º35’19”W, 9,849 feet Lunch: 39º9’56”N, 105º34’8”W, 11,339 feet Summit: 39º10’0”N, 105º33’36”W, 11,377 feet Hiking Distance: 4.2 miles   There’s something attractive about climbing the highest peak, whether it be the highest in the world, or the […]

Hiking along Duck Creek and Mill Gulch

19 Apr

Hike with Lynn, Pete, Steve and Sunday T. Dog on June 7, 2009 Our trailhead: 39º33’0”N, 105º43’12”W, 10,269 feet Mill: 39º33’20”N, 105º43’41”W, 10,720 feet Duck Creek Campground: 39º31’45”N, 105º43’56”W, 9,756 feet Hiking distance: 4.6 miles   Lynn Keyes grew up on the Tumbling River Guest Ranch, a few miles up Geneva Creek from Grant. She […]

The View from the Nose of Shawnee Peak

22 Oct

Hike with Pete on July 6, 2014 Trailhead: 39°25’34”N, 105°33’56”W, 8,295 feet Summit: 39°23’49”N, 105°35’48”W, 11,927 feet, 3.8 miles Hiking Distance: 7.3 miles There are some mountains in Park County that have shapes that remind me of something. For instance, I see a face in Meridian Hill, when I see it from Park County Road […]

Over Sheep Ridge to Twelvemile Lake

15 Aug

Hike with Pete on August 22, 2010 Trailhead: 39º9’1”N, 106º04’5”W, 10,533 feet North end of the lake: 39º9’24”N, 106º7’48”W, 11,109 feet Lunch: 39º9’20”N, 106º7’58”W, 11,178 feet Top of Sheep Ridge: 39º9’45”N, 106º5’8”W, 11,591 feet Hiking Distance: 9.8 miles   I had in mind a hike in the southern Mosquito Range. When I think of hiking […]

A Full Moon, the Summer Solstice, and a Hike in Lost Park

25 Jul

Hike with Pete on June 19, 2008 Trailhead: 39°17’3”N, 105°30’23”W, 9,969 feet Left Trail: 39°15’11”N, 105°31’5”W, 10,534 feet Top of Ridge: 39°15’24”N, 105°31’3”W, 10,855 feet Hiking distance: 6.0 miles   Pete and I were looking for relaxation as well as a good day hike when we picked the Lost Park area for our latest foray […]

Looking for Deep and Dark in Black Canyon

08 Jul

  Hike on May 29, 2007 with Joe and Pete Long Gulch Trailhead: 39°20’51”N, 105°37’9”W, 10,069 feet Left Colorado Trail: 39°21’45”N, 105°38’24”W, 10,500 feet Rock Creek Trailhead: 39°21’44”N, 105°40’49”W, 9,503 feet We parked a car at each end of the trail. Rock Creek Trailhead was our destination: From US 285, turn east on Lost Park […]

A Winter Solstice Wine and Cheese at The Castle

20 Jun

Snowshoe with Pete on the Winter Solstice, December 22, 2007 Trailhead: 39°20’18”N, 105°24’4”W, 8,335 feet The Castle overlook: 39°19’1”N, 105°23’40”W, 8,227 feet Hiking Distance: 4.1 miles Turn east on Park County Road 68 at the base of Crow Hill in Bailey; the Forest Service calls this road 560. At two forks in the road, at […]

Tie Hack Winter Trail

17 Jun

Snowshoe on March 7, 2007, with Joe and Pete Trailhead: 39º10’53”N, 106º2’37”W, 9974 feet Start of loop: 39º11’19”N, 106º3’17”W, 10,380 feet Junction of Forest Service Roads 423 and 182B: 39º12’21”N, 106º4’12”W, 10,617 feet Trail Distance: 5.18 miles Trailhead: From the junction of Main Street (Colorado 9 north) and US 285 (the traffic light) in Fairplay, […]

A Hike to the Bison Peak Rock Garden

09 Jun

  Hike with Pete on July 10, 2011 Trailhead: 39°17’0”N, 105°30’16”W, 9,921 feet Wigwam/Brookside-McCurdy Trails intersection: 39°16’55”N, 105°30’35”W, 9,944 feet; 0.58 miles Ute/Brookside-McCurdy Trails intersection: 39°13’37”N, 105°30’53”W, 11,162 feet; 5.08 miles Bison Peak summit: 39°14’18”N, 105°29’52”W, 12,431 feet; 6.74 miles Hiking Distance: 10.8 miles Bison Peak has held an interest for me, being both the […]

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