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Lost Park Loop

26 Jan
Pete on Brookside-McCurdy Trail

Hike with Pete on August 18, 2008 Lost Creek Trailhead: 39º17’4”N, 105º30’24”W, 9969 feet Stonework: 39º18’15”N, 105º30’52”W, 10,150 feet Hiking distance: 5.5 miles Pete and I again headed to Lost Park for a two-day campout, as we’d done in June. The days before had been rainy and wet, and much-needed moisture was pumped into Park […]

Hiking the High Puma Hills to Farnum Peak

10 May
Farnum Peak in the Puma Hills

Hike with Pete, Lucy, Cheryl, Ginni, the goddess Diana, and Sunday T. Dog on August 2, 2009 Trailhead: 39º10’37”N, 105º35’19”W, 9,849 feet Lunch: 39º9’56”N, 105º34’8”W, 11,339 feet Summit: 39º10’0”N, 105º33’36”W, 11,377 feet Hiking Distance: 4.2 miles   There’s something attractive about climbing the highest peak, whether it be the highest in the world, or the […]

Hiking along Duck Creek and Mill Gulch

19 Apr
Blaine Peak (left) and North Twin Cone Peak

Hike with Lynn, Pete, Steve and Sunday T. Dog on June 7, 2009 Our trailhead: 39º33’0”N, 105º43’12”W, 10,269 feet Mill: 39º33’20”N, 105º43’41”W, 10,720 feet Duck Creek Campground: 39º31’45”N, 105º43’56”W, 9,756 feet Hiking distance: 4.6 miles   Lynn Keyes grew up on the Tumbling River Guest Ranch, a few miles up Geneva Creek from Grant. She […]

The View from the Nose of Shawnee Peak

22 Oct
The view from top of Shawnee Peak

Hike with Pete on July 6, 2014 Trailhead: 39°25’34”N, 105°33’56”W, 8,295 feet Summit: 39°23’49”N, 105°35’48”W, 11,927 feet, 3.8 miles Hiking Distance: 7.3 miles There are some mountains in Park County that have shapes that remind me of something. For instance, I see a face in Meridian Hill, when I see it from Park County Road […]

Over Sheep Ridge to Twelvemile Lake

15 Aug
Twelvemile Lake

Hike with Pete on August 22, 2010 Trailhead: 39º9’1”N, 106º04’5”W, 10,533 feet North end of the lake: 39º9’24”N, 106º7’48”W, 11,109 feet Lunch: 39º9’20”N, 106º7’58”W, 11,178 feet Top of Sheep Ridge: 39º9’45”N, 106º5’8”W, 11,591 feet Hiking Distance: 9.8 miles   I had in mind a hike in the southern Mosquito Range. When I think of hiking […]

A Full Moon, the Summer Solstice, and a Hike in Lost Park

25 Jul
Brookside-McCurdy Trail

Hike with Pete on June 19, 2008 Trailhead: 39°17’3”N, 105°30’23”W, 9,969 feet Left Trail: 39°15’11”N, 105°31’5”W, 10,534 feet Top of Ridge: 39°15’24”N, 105°31’3”W, 10,855 feet Hiking distance: 6.0 miles   Pete and I were looking for relaxation as well as a good day hike when we picked the Lost Park area for our latest foray […]

Looking for Deep and Dark in Black Canyon

08 Jul
pussy willows along the creek

  Hike on May 29, 2007 with Joe and Pete Long Gulch Trailhead: 39°20’51”N, 105°37’9”W, 10,069 feet Left Colorado Trail: 39°21’45”N, 105°38’24”W, 10,500 feet Rock Creek Trailhead: 39°21’44”N, 105°40’49”W, 9,503 feet We parked a car at each end of the trail. Rock Creek Trailhead was our destination: From US 285, turn east on Lost Park […]

A Winter Solstice Wine and Cheese at The Castle

20 Jun

Snowshoe with Pete on the Winter Solstice, December 22, 2007 Trailhead: 39°20’18”N, 105°24’4”W, 8,335 feet The Castle overlook: 39°19’1”N, 105°23’40”W, 8,227 feet Hiking Distance: 4.1 miles Turn east on Park County Road 68 at the base of Crow Hill in Bailey; the Forest Service calls this road 560. At two forks in the road, at […]

Tie Hack Winter Trail

17 Jun
view from Tie Hack Trailhead.

Snowshoe on March 7, 2007, with Joe and Pete Trailhead: 39º10’53”N, 106º2’37”W, 9974 feet Start of loop: 39º11’19”N, 106º3’17”W, 10,380 feet Junction of Forest Service Roads 423 and 182B: 39º12’21”N, 106º4’12”W, 10,617 feet Trail Distance: 5.18 miles Trailhead: From the junction of Main Street (Colorado 9 north) and US 285 (the traffic light) in Fairplay, […]

A Hike to the Bison Peak Rock Garden

09 Jun
The top of Bison Peak

  Hike with Pete on July 10, 2011 Trailhead: 39°17’0”N, 105°30’16”W, 9,921 feet Wigwam/Brookside-McCurdy Trails intersection: 39°16’55”N, 105°30’35”W, 9,944 feet; 0.58 miles Ute/Brookside-McCurdy Trails intersection: 39°13’37”N, 105°30’53”W, 11,162 feet; 5.08 miles Bison Peak summit: 39°14’18”N, 105°29’52”W, 12,431 feet; 6.74 miles Hiking Distance: 10.8 miles Bison Peak has held an interest for me, being both the […]

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