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Webster Mountain You’d Never Know It Was There

14 Jun

Hike with Cheryl and Sunday T. Dog on June 28,2009 Trailhead: 39º28’54”N, 105º41’36”W, 8,905 feet Left Trail: 39º28’5”N, 105º42’34”W, 9,702 feet Summit: 39º28’6”N,105º41’54”W, 10,220 feet Hiking distance: 5.0 milesThe summit of Webster Mountain is difficult to pick out, in spite of the fact that it’s close to U.S. 285. In fact, it’s harder to see […]

Fall Colors in Packer Gulch

24 Jun

Hike with Cheryl and Sunday T. Dog on September 28, 2008 Trailhead: 39º11’5”N, 105º37’37”W, 9,298 feet Top of Hill: 39º10’33”N, 105º36’27”W, 9,964 feet Hiking distance: 3.9 miles   By late September, the height of the aspen fall color in South Park had past, but there were still plenty of leaves on the trees. In late […]

Hiking the High Puma Hills to Farnum Peak

10 May

Hike with Pete, Lucy, Cheryl, Ginni, the goddess Diana, and Sunday T. Dog on August 2, 2009 Trailhead: 39º10’37”N, 105º35’19”W, 9,849 feet Lunch: 39º9’56”N, 105º34’8”W, 11,339 feet Summit: 39º10’0”N, 105º33’36”W, 11,377 feet Hiking Distance: 4.2 miles   There’s something attractive about climbing the highest peak, whether it be the highest in the world, or the […]

Potato Gulch and Sugarloaf Mountain

12 Apr

Hike with Cheryl and Sunday T. Dog on June 8, 2008 Trailhead: 39°13’42”N, 105°36’17”W, 8,996 feet Sugarloaf Mountain Summit: 39°13’43”N, 105°35’22”W, 9,951 feet Hiking distance: 3.9 Miles The trailhead for this hike is near Tarryall Reservoir. From US 285, turn south at Jefferson on Tarryall Road (Park County Road 77), and go 17.0 miles. Turn […]

Cub Creek Trail to the Black Mountain Ridge

12 Nov

Hike with Pat, Kathy, Cheryl, and Sunday T. Dog on July 6 Cub Creek Trailhead: 39°33’59”N, 105°23’00”W, 8,358 feet Left Trail: 39°33’31”N, 105°25’31”W, 10,002 feet Our Highest Point: 39°32’50”N, 105°24’39”W, 10,439 feet Hiking distance: 7.8 miles   The hike up Black Mountain in the southwest of the county turned out so well, I couldn’t resist […]

Walking Roads by Hoosier Creek and Lininger Ditch

21 Jun

Hike with Cheryl on June 2, 2007 Our Start: 39°26’16”N, 105°46’28”W,  9,781 feet Bathtub 39°26’46”N, 105°47’15”W, 10,364 feet Mining Claim Corner: 39°26’38”N, 105°47’25”W, 10,216 feet Hiking Distance: 3.3 miles Turn onto Park County Road 58 from US 285, between mile markers 204 and 205 on the Platte Canyon side of Kenosha Pass. Go 0.9 miles […]

Finding Gold on the Gold Dust Trail

19 Jun

  Hike on September 24, 2007 with Cheryl, Phil, and Sunday T. Dog Trailhead: 39º19’22”N, 105º54’23”W, 9,987 feet High Point: 39º20’35”N, 105º56’21”W, 10,447 feet Tarryall Creek:  39º21’32”N, 105º57’9”W, 10,329 feet Hiking Distance: 8.2 miles From US 285 east of mile marker 192, turn north on Park County Road 33 and go through Como. Take the […]

On the Continental Divide at Handcart Peak

26 May

Hike with Cheryl and Steve on July 23, 2007 Trailhead: 39°31’1”N, 105°50’54”W, 11,279 feet Handcart Peak Summit: 39°31’26”N, 105°50’44”W, 12,518 feet Lunch on the Saddle: 39°31’37”N, 105°51’10”W, 12,178 feet Turn onto Hall Valley Road (Park County Road 60) between mile markers 208 and 209 on US 285. Go past the Hall Valley Campground, and, at […]

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