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Late Fall Colors on the Colorado Trail

26 Jun
summits of the South Park Range

Hike with Art and Sunday T. Dog on October 4, 2009 Rock Creek Trail Head on the Colorado Trail: 39º21’46”N, 105º41’16”W, 9,721 feet Lunch: 39º22’48”N,105º43’42”W, 9,979 feet Hiking distance: 5.9 miles The fall color season was short this year. All the folks came up the hill from Denver, clogging the roads and trails, but the […]

Finding Gold on the Gold Dust Trail

19 Jun
Autumn colors and South Park

  Hike on September 24, 2007 with Cheryl, Phil, and Sunday T. Dog Trailhead: 39º19’22”N, 105º54’23”W, 9,987 feet High Point: 39º20’35”N, 105º56’21”W, 10,447 feet Tarryall Creek:  39º21’32”N, 105º57’9”W, 10,329 feet Hiking Distance: 8.2 miles From US 285 east of mile marker 192, turn north on Park County Road 33 and go through Como. Take the […]

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