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A Snowshoe Trip Up Callahan Gulch

23 Feb
Mount Logan from the upper clearing

Snowshoe with Steve on January 4, 2009 Whiteside Campground: 39º28’54”N, 105º41’36”W, 8,905 feet Trails junction: 39º28’18”N, 105º43’7”W, 9,790 feet Snowshoe distance: 4.4 miles There’s always another trail to find, by talking to someone, or looking around as you’re driving down the road. I found the trail along Callahan Gulch by looking on a map where […]

Webster Mountain You’d Never Know It Was There

14 Jun
View west

Hike with Cheryl and Sunday T. Dog on June 28,2009 Trailhead: 39º28’54”N, 105º41’36”W, 8,905 feet Left Trail: 39º28’5”N, 105º42’34”W, 9,702 feet Summit: 39º28’6”N,105º41’54”W, 10,220 feet Hiking distance: 5.0 milesThe summit of Webster Mountain is difficult to pick out, in spite of the fact that it’s close to U.S. 285. In fact, it’s harder to see […]

Lost Park Loop

26 Jan
Pete on Brookside-McCurdy Trail

Hike with Pete on August 18, 2008 Lost Creek Trailhead: 39º17’4”N, 105º30’24”W, 9969 feet Stonework: 39º18’15”N, 105º30’52”W, 10,150 feet Hiking distance: 5.5 miles Pete and I again headed to Lost Park for a two-day campout, as we’d done in June. The days before had been rainy and wet, and much-needed moisture was pumped into Park […]

Walking to the Overlook on Ridgeview Trail

21 Jan
Buffalo Peaks

Hike with Karen and Sunday T. Dog on June 25, 2008 Trailhead: 39°4’44”N, 106°8’10”W, 10,251 feet Trail to Overlook: 39°04’34”N, 106°08’05”W, 10,412 feet, about 0.7 miles from trailhead Overlook: 39°04’13”N, 106°07’58”W, 10,578 feet, about 1.1 miles from trailhead Rich Creek Trail Junction: 39°04’09”N, 106°08’12”W, 10,302 feet, about 1 mile from trailhead The snow above timberline […]

A Full Moon, the Summer Solstice, and a Hike in Lost Park

25 Jul
Brookside-McCurdy Trail

Hike with Pete on June 19, 2008 Trailhead: 39°17’3”N, 105°30’23”W, 9,969 feet Left Trail: 39°15’11”N, 105°31’5”W, 10,534 feet Top of Ridge: 39°15’24”N, 105°31’3”W, 10,855 feet Hiking distance: 6.0 miles   Pete and I were looking for relaxation as well as a good day hike when we picked the Lost Park area for our latest foray […]

A Hike to the Bison Peak Rock Garden

09 Jun
The top of Bison Peak

  Hike with Pete on July 10, 2011 Trailhead: 39°17’0”N, 105°30’16”W, 9,921 feet Wigwam/Brookside-McCurdy Trails intersection: 39°16’55”N, 105°30’35”W, 9,944 feet; 0.58 miles Ute/Brookside-McCurdy Trails intersection: 39°13’37”N, 105°30’53”W, 11,162 feet; 5.08 miles Bison Peak summit: 39°14’18”N, 105°29’52”W, 12,431 feet; 6.74 miles Hiking Distance: 10.8 miles Bison Peak has held an interest for me, being both the […]

Walking the Colorado Trail East of Kenosha Pass

31 May
The South Park Range from Colorado Trail

Hike with Karen and Sunday on July 26, 2007 Trailhead: 39°24’48”N 105°45’17”W, 10,015 feet Lunch: 39°22’08”N 105°43’03’W, 9,930 feet Hiking distance: 8.3 miles From US 285 at the top of Kenosha Pass, just east of mile marker 203, turn east towards the Kenosha Campground overflow area. Park at the trailhead about 0.2 mile from US […]

Jefferson Loop Trail: Long and Pleasant

08 Jan
Pond at the headwaters of Michigan Creek

  Hiking with Pete and Brian on June 28, 2006 Trailhead: From the town of Jefferson, go north on Park County Road 35, 2 miles; turn right on Park County Road 37, go 3.2 miles; trailhead parking on left, past Colorado Trail sign, near Lodgepole Campground Starting elevation: 10,020 feet GPS: 39º25’47”N, 105º50’42”W, Datum WGS84 […]

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